Decentralized Leverage Trading

We talk about the option to add some features into our product portfolio!

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Hi Guys,

I have an suggestion but we need to decide together if its good and if yes how to structure it.

I think in the future all will go into the decentralized world but all will be regulated as well.

We can bring up an solution where users can make leverage trades decentralized on the BSC or other chains which are integrated. The trading pairs are very selective and running with oracles in the background to execute.

We have one very important point to run the leverage trading. We need liquidity on the leverage pools and how should we incentives the liquidity providers?

Without liquidity it will and it cant work this for sure!

Ideas are welcome


Do not know what this is or whats involved

That will be great, but yes the liquidity, we can set a limit for the leverged trades, As binance has, if the token liquidity is high the more position size if low for example you can’t open a position on that token above 1000$ @ 20x leverage, for the liquidity providers share the 50% profits gained by fees or liquidation or etc… I think thats very attractive


It’s a good suggestion we will think how to get this done in a decentralized way.

On which platform will the leverage trading run

decentralized leverage trading based on smart contacts and accurate price triggers from chainlink

how do you protect low-liq token from huge volatility and oracle front-running?

You don’t have low liquidity tokens

What would give us an edge in the market. We have open leverage on Bsc doing the leverage trading with a good UI. We need alot of Liquidity and from the experience so far from the project. It’s a good project but. We have to study open leverage as their token has fared poorly. Relaunching Julswap as a solidly fork. But we need support from the bsc ecosystem. We can reward old holders with governance token early on it with Venfts to maintain liquidity of the native tokens and apply for funding from binace or any VCS and make it as decentralised as possible