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The purpose of the General Discussion section is to talk about to certain topics and ideas.

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Burning of supply is good idea.

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The question is from what and how you wanna finance the future if you burn now from non circulation supply?

I am happy about the new forum!

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Good day tobias how is the progress of okse card

It will be good if we bring more projects for single staking pools.

I agree but whats your strategy behind?

  1. Why a project would join?
  2. What should be the structure from the staking pool? (example stake juld and earn … token or something else)
  3. If we pay for lp staking we get more circulation supply because the fee does not cover it how you think we should handle it?

Will we be able to use the 2.77% tokens monthly……??? Tobias

When wil Okse be launched and the airdrop start??

you can use tokens when you get tokens based on the release schedule

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i want to sell protector NFT for 400% Reward Pool very low price verified NFT say your price then buy from marketplace

Greeting everyone, pls will like to know latest update on this project… Concerning the following or any other STAKING, BURNING OF SUPPLY, NEW LISTING AND ABOVE ALL PRICE MOVEMENT.

When is the burning starting?

There is a contract which buys from the fee juld this happens automatically and if there is enough in it a part will be burned.

Unfortunately there is not much volume so there cant be a lot of buy juld.

Staking cant take place because there is no volume and in this case no amount to reward.

JulD is listed on the best possible exchanges until now which are available for juld. More listings cant considered because there is noting which makes it unique enough for now.

If you have ideas which are solid just mention it. Thanks

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So there is nothing new about d project?

Thanks. You answered all my questions politely and genuinely

What is tg crypto ? Why close julwallet tg group? Not Active Twitter

Juld project close? Exit ?

Hi Tobias,
I live in the States and Bybit is not allowing me to register. How else can I cłami my OKSE tokens? Please advice.

I don’t know how an exit should work if all products are live and the token as well but please elaborate your point.

We made some suggestions here for the possible future but there is no real engagement and as long as this is the case we will wait and see if something better comes up.