Juld holder on Ftm

Hello all. So I hold my Juld on FTM blockchain in Trust wallet.
Will I still be able to deposit all my Juld into staking contract or do I need go swap to BSC?
Secondly will OKSE airdrop rewards be able to be deposited in Trust wallet?

Any answers on any of this please?

I think more details will be communicated when at the start of the staking, I have most of my juld on FTM chain too. Am waiting for further information also from our able CEO,

We have to know if juld bridge from ftm to BSC on spookyswap is still working fine and if can bridge now or wait for further directive.

Thanks for reply. Spookyswap should work accoeding to their partner Anyswap or multichain.org i think its called now. I had issues so contacted anyswap directly as per TG and did it through them was a great service so im all in now with BSC

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Thank so much, I just use multichain.org now, and all went well, am all in on BSC now as well.
Just remain for me to transfer all my BSC wallets together later on

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