Juld in my trust wallet will it give me okse token airdrop

Please I have 10,000 juld in my trust wallet I hope I’d get the okse airdropWhat will happen to juld too

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Well this forum is created but who is running this? How do we get answers? What the point of this? I would like to know about the okse progress but i cant. I somehow am blocked from the twitter. There is no tg…how convinient is this.


I will answer you step by step and the rest should be done by the community itself. Normal all answers are already given in the past and if you have new questions I will answer it step by step or someone else form the team.

Right now i bought juld then i eligible for okse airdrop?

Need kyc for okse Airdrop?

the process for it is still pending. more updates will follow

when will ceo stake be airdrops ??

a little explanation will put us at ease

today announced you can see all airdrop details