JulSwap Staking

Discussion to staking pools!

Hi together, I would like to talk with you about staking pools for julswap.

Do you know projects which are vey successful with staking? If yes, whats the structure from the staking pools?

Please always think about it from the user & project perspective otherwise it cant work.



Hello sir, i don’t know any successful projects but can we increase the supply of juld to 1 billion with no minting function? And then launch the juld staking pool with auto compounding, auto burn and setup automated market maker for liquidity (AMM).
I have very small experience in crypto. I just searched what’s good for Dex token like juld. Thanks

can i claim aidrop in 400% pool now because i have enough staking time, and will i get okse later?

there will be a solution yes

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Hi, what you mean by auto burn?

What’s your idea for the AMM, how should it be refinanced?


So my current job is to claim juld and hold it in my wallet and wait for the new notification, is that correct, sir?

Auto burn some juld token on every fee or transaction.( not manual) And high apr juld staking will attract users also. I am talking about this AMM

Ah this is simple AMM trading which happens on julswap always the questions is whats your best method to get more an more people to provide liquidity without to crash with juld staking rewards the market.

By giving the liquidity providers good rewards or earnings from fee, more people will join. That’s why i asked you to increase the supply to 1 billion. You can look “kyber swap”. They are successful with staking. I think!! I don’t know the what is the structure they are working on. Are you working on something? Or do you have any ideas to revive julswap?

all lp providers earn since day one the same as they earn on uniswap as example.

the rewards should be payed from what?

I have absolutely nothing in mind for now based on staking because its a very difficult decision to make this is why we talk here about it.

Is there any future with juld or Okse??? Why the silent everywhere and it just seems like the project is gradually turning to dust 🫤

Sir is they any future plan regarding this project?? We investors are in the dark …if project is dead please say it so we all move on

This is the reason why we build this forum so all can contribute to the project but until now only one person is really engaging. You have any ideas?

I staked JULD, but after claiming my BUSD when the pool ended, I can’t claim my JULD because it seems the required NFT was used after I claimed the BUSD reward. What do I do now?

if you want to do this, you need to get a new NFT to withdrawal if required