Okse airdrop mechanism for CEX holders

Everyone now knows that the okse-coin distribution mechanism will be 1 juld = 0.25 okse
The period will extend up to 36 months, and the first amount will be 20%.
But many are wondering about the mechanism for distributing the currency to the gold owners in the central platforms?
How will it be done? Have the platforms in which juld is listed have been contacted in order to make a snapshot or to deal about the mechanism for distributing airdrop ?


@tg_cryptos we are waiting for your replay …

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36 month time is vert long time 24 months locking is ideal time fram

He vanished like he did in the past


first amount will be not 20%

the total amount is available over 36 month from the airdrop 1/36

you need to claim the airdrop from the website which will be announced in the future

Mr tobais , we need ansewrs for all holders in CEX

Investors have been waiting for 3 years already. And their initial investment fell 90%. why I didn’t know how to wait another 3 years. Most investors will lose confidence in the company. However, if BİNANCE enters now, your project will work and hold in the future.

if you are waiting three years you had two times the potential to make huge amount of money and not just one day!

  1. JUL from 10$ to 350$
  2. JulD from nothing 0.0012$ to on some exchanges 1$

Sorry to say if you are not able to take a chance don’t blame others.

Right now i buy juld then i eligible for okse airdrop?

No, it can not. Snapshot long time ago

when we get okse airdrop bro???
I’m holding my juld in trust wallet so I’m eligible for airdrop or need to fill any other form etc… Reply pls

how much more damage will we do no progress

Do you have any suggestions?

urgently Okse should be published

my investment disappeared 10/9

and it hurts so much

It will be released if the time is there you can use the product already

As veteran investors we have a right to know this.