Proposal : claim OKSE and burn JULD

Since JULD somewhat continues to exist but is not much developed further, here an idea:

Burn n-Amount of JULD at time we claim OKSE. Example:

  • Claim 100 OKSE based on 400 JULD
  • Burn 400 JULD (send to 0x0)**

**if 4:1 is too aggressive since JULD continues to exist, a 2:1 would help also. This ratio should be defined by the community.

This will lower the max supply of JULD
JULD holders can decide if they want to claim OKSE with a game theory for both side.

JULD was created as a secondary token to JUL/b. Since JUL/b was discontinued, JULD holder got diluted and only a fraction of it could be re-gained by the 400% staking pool. The unclaimed 400% staking reward do not count in the OKSE snapshot which is another dilution. JULD to OKSE again gets diluted by 4:1 (0.25). This proposal is fair, without initial JUL/b/JULD holders, the OKSE deal would not even be on the table.


Thanks for the idea.

Would you be ok with burning this amount of juld from your juld?

The community need to confirm this together I cant do it and its already critical to ask the community because the vote in the past was without this idea.

The unclaimed future rewards are not included on the snapshot only until the snapshot, so this is not the problem.

The ratio will remain and cant be changed.

Community please, engage in this discussion since this proposal can add value to everyone.
Obviously as long term community member, for me, I would be absolutely okay to burn as proposed.

The idea is okay
We should also think of more outstanding utility to back it up so people have reasons to hold

I wonder why you took the pain to register in the forum, did 2Fa then come here only to type this. If these are truly your sentiments, why did you come this far to FUD. You can do it better else where.

If you have ideas why are you not building project

The project is of the community and you can’t bring up ideas but to blame

Because I dont need to dats job…the one who has started it needs to do it correctly…you cant ask others to do things well just bcoz ur ceo doest do it well…

Does not look you even have a community here that engages… What’s the point of this forum then?

If no community engagement no voting and no result

The forum is an option where people should engage and suggest some options for the project and not complain later. All have the chance to speak here and all people can read it and suggest.

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Sir my opinion is to replace Juld with OKSE,exchange will support you for this,sir request you to please go ahead with juld we are in big loss for a long time please